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S L Page


S.L. Page writes theatre, TV, film, audio dramas, novels and children’s books. They are currently working as creator/writer of a new TV series in development with Hat Trick Mercurio.

They are also working on a Radio 4 Afternoon Drama commission; and developing two new plays with Arts Council support: FALL and OTHER. They have been a Creative Associate at New Writing North (2023) and is currently an Associate Artist at Disability Arts Online (2024/2025)


[S.L. Page] has a singular and restless imagination drawing on a range of cultural forms to express their ideas and many cultural and social influences to shape them, including their own biography.



[S.L Page is] enormously talented and it’s been brilliant working with them.

Isobel Gahan, Curtis Brown


They are a remarkable writer with a wide range of skills as a writer of plays, poems and prose, but also as an artist and an activist.

Steve Dearden, The Writing Squad


A powerful and thought-provoking piece.

The British Theatre Guide


Smashing the box of disabled feminism



The script is witty, touching and very apt for times like these.

NARC Magazine


Their work and writing are important and should be seen on a regional and national level.

Selma Dimitrijevic

S L Page


april 2024


S.L. Page has started work on a commission from BBC Radio 4. STILL HERE will look at two film productions, one in the 1930s, one in the 2020s, and explore how disabled actors are treated on each set. It will be broadcast in March 2025 as an afternoon drama. S.L. Page is working with production company Naked Productions on this project.

March 2024


S.L. Page was thrilled to be chosen as a finalist in Live Theatre’s 2024 North East Playwriting Award for her play FALL. They are now developing the play in a second R+D, funded by Arts Council England. See ‘Current Work’ for more details, and read more about the playwriting award below.

October 2023

new agent

S.L. Page has a new agent. Julia Wyatt at Berlin Associates will now be representing their scripts, whilst Curtis Brown continues to represent their books. 

S L Page


For more information about S.L. Page’s work for children, podcasts or to get in touch please contact their agent Isobel Gahan.

For more information about S.L. Page’s theatre work please contact their producer Chloe Stott.