‘Fall’ is S.L. Page’s new play. It explores the barriers a queer woman faces due to her Bipolar Disorder. It is inspired by S.L. Page’s own experiences of having Bipolar Disorder.


Inside the world of the play, the character of Rebecca is an actor playing the role of Sherlock Holmes. She is subjected to online abuse due to playing a very male-dominated role. This situation, along with other mounting pressure, results in Rebecca having a Bipolar flare-up. Inspired by Jeremy Brett, who played Sherlock in the ITV show of the 80s/90s, she harnesses her mental health condition to fuel her art.

The play makes a comment on who gets to tell stories, and why some stories get told over and over. It uses theatre as the intersection between three of S.L. Page’s lived experiences as a queer, neurodiverse and disabled, person.

With funding from Graeae and Arts Council England, S.L. Page will embark on a period of research and development to enable her to write a first full draft of the play. She will work closely with regular collaborator and mentor, Selma Dimitrijevic, who will be director and dramaturg on the play. 

FALL was a finalist in Live Theatre’s North East Playwriting Award 2024 and has plans to preview and tour in autumn 2025.