New Women is a fictionalised podcast series interweaving the stories of disabled first-wave feminists Rosa May Billinghurst, Helen Keller and Mabel NormAND.

Throughout each 10-minute episode, the women narrate their lives in the early twentieth century.

New Women Podcast Artwork

Written by Louise Page, New Women introduces the early elements of intersectionality that were present between feminism and disability in the early 1900s.

We hear the radical, socialist-feminist-abolitionist voice of Helen Keller, rather than the sanitised version we are all too often offered up.

Suffragette and wheelchair user Rosa May Billinghurst talks about her adapted hand-tricycle and how she used it to ram her way through police lines. 

The third key character is drawn from the life of Mabel Normand – one of Charlie Chaplin’s mentors, who protested against the censorship of women’s stories in film, and experienced mental health conditions, including drug addiction.

Written as a podcast for Disability Arts Online’s Covid Commissions programme in 2020, New Women is produced by Clear Voice Enterprises.

New Women is available on the following platforms: